Mass Sausage Dog Walk Is Coming To The UK


There are few things more adorable than the thought of a big bunch of sausage dogs parading around a park together.

If this sounds like your idea of paradise – and if you live in the Greater Manchester area – your dreams may have just come true.

Indeed, if you listen very closely, you might just hear the sound of hundreds of tiny dachshund paws thundering towards Heaton Park…

Local dachshund lovers – although, who doesn’t love these little guys – are arranging one of the largest sausage dog assemblages the north has ever seen.

I mean, I didn’t even realise dachshund gatherings were a thing until today, but I am still super impressed.

However, the Mass Dachshund Walk has a much more serious purpose than just being unbelievably cute.

The event organisers hope to raise money for dachshund charities which are working towards a happier, healthier life for sausage dogs everywhere.

One of these charities is Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD, which supports dogs who are undergoing treatment for abnormal intervertebral discs.

According to Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD, this is the most common health concern for sausage dogs in the UK, with one in four being affected at some point in their lives.

The Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD website explains:

All dogs’ discs degenerate with age; they lose water, become more fibrous and sometimes mineralised.

Degeneration of a Dachshund’s discs happens at a much younger age than in dogs with normal length legs.

Mass Dachshund Walk organiser Julie Barbour told the Manchester Evening News:

When you’re getting it from a responsible breeder, and you’re doing your research to get a dog with a good background, you’re hopefully taking the right steps and precausions.

She added:

I don’t think we are promoting a breed that’s going to get health issues really, we are just owners who all have the same dog, who all have a passion for them, and we’re going for a walk.

We’re not necessarily walking around with a banner saying ‘buy a dachshund’, that’s not what it’s about.

Oh Julie, I don’t need any convincing whatsoever. Just one look at a gif of a sausage dog and I’m halfway to the animal shelter.

Another charity which will receive support is The Red Foundation, an organisation dedicated to emergency dachshund rescue.

According their website:

The Red Foundation started in 2017 – A team of Dachshund owners came across a un-spayed 18 month old female dachshund named Red being sold at a very low price, advertising the fact she was un-spayed.

Unsettled by the idea of her going into puppy farming the team fundraised the money to buy and spay Red.

Seeing that this is now becoming a huge problem in the UK the team decided they could be doing more so The Red Foundation has now become an emergency ongoing fundraiser to be able to get Dachshunds out of this situation more regularly.

This woof-ly event will take place on April 8, with pooches and people alike welcome to join the fun. Organisers are asking for a £1 donation for every participating dog.

In return, dog-mad-humans will be entered into a raffle, where they could some exciting prizes guaranteed to get their tails wagging. Whats not to love?

In order to partake, sausage pals should meet at the Boating Lake car park, Sheepfoot Lane at 1pm. More info (and more adorable pics) can be found on the North West Dachshund Owners Facebook group.

Now, I don’t actually own a sausage dog myself. However, if anyone can think of any way I can still participate in this walk and cuddle all the dogs then please do let me know.