Massive Seagull Pecks Pigeon To Death Then Eats It Whole


Everyone knows seagulls are absolute chip-thieving bastards of the seaside, but you will never understand the depth of their evil until you see this video.

You think you’ve been wronged by a local seagull? Try talking to this poor pigeon. Oh wait, you can’t. Why? Because this little winged fella was eaten whole – in a mere few gulps – by a seagull on the mean streets of Rome.

You can watch the avian atrocity in the footage below:

With bloodied beak and cold, hard eyes, the seagull eyed up the prize and proceeded to swallow the pigeon quicker than a drunk student could inhale six Maccies chicken nuggets.

The vicious dinnertime scenes do call in question why on earth we bother ripping up our bits of bread into bite-sized chunks when the common seagull has the gall to open up his gullet and squeeze down the raw flesh of a whole bird.

One seagull-phobic commentator wrote: “It’s just a gullet with legs. Imagine being small enough for this thing to eat. It would be like a flying t-rex with soulless red eyes.”


The poor ex-pigeon barely touches the side of the gull’s throat.

No question. Definitely deceased. This pigeon is no more.