Massive Snake Tried To Eat A Porcupine And Instantly Regrets It

by : UNILAD on : 30 Mar 2017 12:00

The above image is of a porcupine, and as you can see they are covered in flesh-piercing spines.


But clearly one Boa Constrictor from Brazil possesses the spirit of a champion competitive eater, and thought fuck the health risks I’m having a go – Spoiler, it did not go well for the snake…

In a video uploaded to LiveLeak, the massive constrictor can be seen writhing around, plastered in the sharp spines after the meal failed to go according to plan.

Check it out:


The caption proudly announces that the snake, also known as a Jiboia, usually eats chickens and even piglets but the ol’ gal really got herself in a pickle, or a prickle (sorry), when she tried to gobble down a porcupine.

In case for some bizarre reason you didn’t know – porcupines are coated in the protective layer of painfully sharp spines to defend themselves – in case something or someone tries to eat them.

The fate of the snake remains unknown but it certainly doesn’t look like it’s in good shape.


Moral of the story. If something is, literally, covered in super sharp spines, don’t try and eat it – you’ll really fuck yourself up.

Earlier this week a 25-year-old man was cut out of a Python which had eaten him in his own back garden. The scene was captured on video and makes for a harrowing watch.

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