Matador Rushed To Hospital After Trying To Stab Bull During Fight


A matador was rushed to hospital last night after being stuck by a horn during a bullfight.

The fight was part of a night of bullfighting in Seville which resulted in a couple of fighters sustaining serious injuries.

Rafael Serna was left severely injured in hospital after his fight, even though he won his bout with the bull.


He attempted to stab a 525kg bull called Almendrito when the bull’s horn went into his armpit.

The incident resulted in a 12 cm gash in his underarm and a damaged axillary vein.

The attack caused the Maenstranza bullring to fall completely silent, according to Diario de Sevilla.


Serna exited the ring covered in blood, before two men in suits approached him and carried him from the ground to the hospital.

His mother and sisters were seen running from the fifth floor of the stadium to the hospital.

Serna was not the only matador to be dangerously hurt during the bullfighting event, as matador Alejandro Talavante received a wound to his upper thigh after being picked up by a bull and slammed hard back into the ground.


29-year-old Talavante’s injuries were less serious than Serna’s and he won his battle with the bull, before cutting its ear off as a trophy and parading it around the stadium.