Matador Successfully Has Anus Stitched Together After Being Gored By Bull

NTR Toros/Instagram

The Mexican matador horrifically gored in the anus by a fighting bull has successfully undergone surgery to repair the extensive damage.

Caporal -the bull- didn’t take kindly to the prospect of being murdered in the name of ‘sport’ last Sunday, and in his attempts to fight back floored Antonio Romero.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the 1,160lb punctured Romero’s anus by around 30cm at Mexico City’s bull ring.

NTR Toros released an image via Instagram of Romero in his hospital bed to confirm he was responding to treatment…

Romero is reported by the Daily Star as saying after the incident:

I have faith and hope in returning to feel and show that I can be someone important in the fiesta brava.

It must be difficult to give up on a dream, but you would hope Romero’s experience would at least make him think twice about stepping into the ring to torture another animal…