Meet The Gorilla Who’s Lived With A Human Couple For 18 Years

by : UNILAD on : 20 Aug 2016 14:40

I’ve never had much of a pet collection. I once won a goldfish at a local fair but I can’t even remember what I called it. If my memory is correct, the poor thing was dead in less than two days. 


However, one couple in France have quite the exquisite household pet. An 18-year-old gorilla called Digit.

According to the Daily Mail, Pierre and Eliane Thivillon adopted the female gorilla after she was abandoned as a baby.


Out of pity the married couple, who have no children, took Digit into their own home back when she weighed just four pounds.


Now – she’s fucking massive and is definitely not the sort of thing you’d want to find in your kitchen, however the Thivillon’s insist she’s still a big softie.

The couple claim that they haven’t been able to properly leave the house since taking in Digit 18-years-ago arguing that the gorilla gets sad when they go away and that when Digit is sad, they’re sad too.

Back in 2013, Pierre said:

We cannot leave Digit overnight with anyone else, which means we haven’t be able to go out for 13 years.

We haven’t had a holiday, or a night away. We haven’t been to the cinema, the theatre, or out for dinner. It would make Digit sad if we weren’t here, and if she is sad we are, too.

That’s certainly some commitment…

He added that although Digit is getting more and more independent, she still relies on Pierre and Eliane to pull splinters out of her hands and pick meat out of her teeth.



Such a heartwarming story – although I can’t say I’ll be spending 18-years of my life with an adopted gorilla any time soon…

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