Men Get Unexpected Visitor On Boat While Feeding Fish To Birds

by : Emily Brown on : 21 Mar 2021 13:27
Men Get Unexpected Visitor On Boat While Feeding Fish To BirdsSortaBad/Twitter

Sometimes you watch a TV show, read a book or hear a story and know almost immediately how it’s going to end. This is not one of those times. 

This week, a video began to circulate online showing a man standing on the back of a boat as it powered through the water, feeding fish to a group of birds that flew along behind it.


Identified by Twitter users as ‘male magnificent frigate birds’ and ‘pacific brown pelicans’, the birds were evidently enjoying their feast until they were met with some competition from another, more greedy creature.

Check it out below:

A number of birds gathered in the sky as they noticed the man handing out free food, but his generosity soon caught the attention of a sea lion, who suddenly popped up out of the water and rested its flippers on the back of the boat.


The man was clearly amused at the scene and so decided to treat the unexpected visitor to a couple of fish of its own, but the sea lion decided that it didn’t need the man to serve the fish, deciding instead to treat the boat as its own personal all-you-can-eat buffet.

After spotting the container the fish were coming from, the sea lion pulled its entire body on to the boat and plunged its head into what had it clearly decided was a magical, fish-producing hole.

Sea lion steals all fish from boatTomBoadle/Twitter

The cheeky visitor scoffed a number of fish before sliding back down into the water, leaving the men on the boat laughing at the bizarre situation. The man who had handed out the fish checked the container to see if there were any left, but it seems the sea lion had completely cleaned them out.


Sharing the video on Twitter, one social media user wrote: ‘No matter what you think is gonna happen in this video, you’re wrong.’

Despite being left with no fish, at least the men involved have a good story to tell and a great video to share.

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Tom Boadle/Twitter
  1. Tom Boadle/Twitter