Merseyside Couple Shocked To Find 4ft Python Behind Tumble Dryer

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Couple Shocked To Find 4ft Python Behind Tumble DryerBeastwatch UK/RSPCA

While most people would expect to find dust bunnies behind their tumble dryer, this couple got a shock when they discovered a 4ft python behind theirs.

Most of horror stories like these are about folks over in Australia, but this large snake was discovered in Merseyside, UK.


The couple called the RSCPA unopen their unexpected discovery, who confirmed the snake was a royal python. The unnamed woman told the animal service, ‘I was shocked, it’s not what you expect when you want to do a bit of laundry’. You can say that again.

Beastwatch UK

Rescue officer David Hatton, who attended the scene on Sunday, December 20, told BBC News:

I was quite surprised at the size of the snake. The fact it is in such good condition makes me suspect it is a pet that has escaped.

I am not sure how it managed to get into the utility room but it was probably attracted by the warmth from the drier when it was on.


According to the Merseyside couple, their dryer wasn’t working properly, so the husband pulled it forward to take a look behind when he spotted the snake.

The woman further explained, ‘My husband pulled the drier out and seemed taken aback, and then said ‘there’s a snake here’. I thought it would be a small grass snake not a 4ft-long royal python’.


The large snake is currently in the care of Beastwatch UK – the country’s only national exotic animal search and rescue organisation run by exotics keepers.


As royal pythons go, 4ft is said to be quite small, as the snakes can grow up to almost 6ft. Native to West and Central America, according to the RSPCA ‘almost all’ royal pythons in the UK are bred in captivity.


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However, the RSPCA added that their needs are ‘still the same as in the wild’ and that their diet consists of ‘a variety of defrosted mice and rats’. Yummy.

PA Images

The Merseyside couple may have got quite the shock upon discovering the snake in their home, but I’m sure they’re glad it wasn’t this 20ft long anaconda that was recently spotted in Brazil.


A group of veterinary students in São Paulo captured the moment they saw the humongous snake earlier this year. Panning along the anaconda, the students also discovered there were a number of other, smaller snakes following it.

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