Moment Crocodile Was Caught On Camera Eating One Of Its Own


It’s official, crocodiles have turned to cannibalism.

This video shows a massive seawater croc eating a much smaller freshwater crocodile in the Darwen River, northern Australia.

Apparently crocodile cannibalism is becoming more common, as populations thrive. Charlie Manolis, the chief scientist at the Crocodylus Park, a crocodile park in Darwin, told the Daily Mail Australia:

Saltwater crocodiles populations are rising back to pristine levels, so the bigger crocs are managing the numbers by taking matters into their own hands.

The reptiles resort to eating their own for a number of reasons, from smaller crocs annoying larger ones to the the reptiles carrying out their territorial instincts.

In the grand scheme of things, this could work out well for us humans. Now that crocs are busy eating each other we can live lives free from the threat of crocodiles.