Monkey Doesn’t Understand Why It Can’t Eat Avocados On Guy’s Socks

by : Lucy Connolly on : 20 Mar 2020 16:30


If you’ve ever been in a situation where you see food so delicious-looking you can’t help but want it, even if it’s off-limits, you’ll sympathise with this monkey.

You know the kind of thing I’m talking about; it doesn’t matter if it’s your mate’s unreal-looking doughnut you’ve set your sights on or your boss’s chippy lunch, sometimes we can’t help but stare and wish we’d made better life choices.


So when one monkey saw a whole load of avocados right before its eyes, it skipped past all the niceties and decided to go right ahead and eat them. There was just one problem though: the avocados weren’t real and were actually part of a man’s socks.

monkey avocado socksSupplied

The hilarious exchange was documented by Théa Noir, a 24-year-old tourist from Paris who was visiting the Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali, recently with her friend Thomas Chauvin.

Around 700 monkeys live within the grounds of the Monkey Forest Sanctuary, with Théa saying they ‘love’ to steal because they know tourists will have some food on them.


The pair were exploring the sanctuary, which is described as not only a tourist attraction but an ‘important [place] for research and conservation programs’, when a curious monkey approached them.

She told UNILAD:

We just stopped with my friend in the video and this young monkey just came running to my friend’s socks, he was trying to eat them.

After that he was catching the avocados drawings and tried to eat them with his little hands. He was completely silent just watching us sometimes.

monkey tries to eat avocados on socksSupplied

Although the video clip is only a short one, Théa said the hilarious incident actually lasted for a ‘long’ time and she only managed to film the end of it.

In the video, the monkey can be seen picking at Thomas’s socks and looking up at him as though to ask: ‘Why can I not eat these avocados guys, what’s wrong?’ Théa explained: ‘I think the second after [Thomas] fell in love with this little monkey, so did I. I took my camera because I couldn’t stop watching.’

She said everybody was ‘completely captivated’ by the scene and just stopped and stared with ‘smiles on their faces’.

What an adorable little fella.


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