Monkey Punches Girl In Face At Zoo For Taunting Him With Food

Monkey punching girlAsiaWire

A monkey has been caught on video punching a little girl in the face as she and her mother fed the animal.

Shocking footage, filmed inside a Chinese zoo, shows the monkey planting a left hook on the girl whose accompanying adult is feeding the animal morsels.

But it seems food wasn’t enough. This monkey wanted to show the world life isn’t a walk in the park within its confines.

In the video, the pair are seen crouched down feeding the animal, who seems completely at ease, but within seconds, it decides enough is enough, thumping the toddler right in the chops, knocking her off balance:

It’s believed the girl ‘teased’ the monkey by offering and then withdrawing a piece of food infront of the animal.

One commenter wrote:

It’s not shocking, it’s nature and they’re wild animals. Leave them alone. Hope the little’un is ok though.

Another said:

That will teach the girl a good lesson! Don’t interfere with wild animals! Hope the monkey is okay after the trauma!

So what next, do they sue the zoo? I suppose you could? It isn’t known how lethal the punch was and if it caused any considerable damage.

Remember when a three-year-old got inside a gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo in 2016 and got Harambe killed as a result? A nation was in mourning, asking themselves ‘Was that the right thing to do’?

The child was seized by the 450-pound gorilla, who dragged the boy across the enclosure’s moat. After 10 minutes, zoo officials opened fire on the gorilla in order to try to free the child.

The case divided the public tenfold, with some saying the zoo was right to do whatever it took to protect the child. Others disagreed, claiming the parents were to blame for allegedly neglecting to monitor the young lad.

Animal activists even filed a complaint against the zoo, prompting the local prosecutor to review the case to determine if the county should bring criminal charges against the zoo or the child’s parents.

Zoos are supposed to be educational and entertaining, but you know… they also house wild animals. In many cases, these animals are predators who will attack when they’re hungry or feel threatened.

Back in 2012, a two-year-old boy fell 10 feet from a wooden railing into an exhibit that housed wild African dogs at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Several of the dogs fatally mauled the child.

The zoo ended up settling the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount in 2014.

In 2007, three young men were attacked, one fatally, by a Siberian tiger at the San Francisco Zoo. Although the zoo claimed the men provoked the tiger into jumping out of her enclosure, evidence showed the walls of the tiger’s enclosure were four feet lower than recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Similar evidence showed zoo workers had warned zoo officials about the wall height, but that the zoo had ignored their warnings. The zoo eventually settled the case for $900,000.

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