Even More Footage Of The Thames ‘Sea Monster’ Has Surfaced


More footage of the now-infamous ‘Thames monster’ has emerged online and appears to show the ‘creature’ breach the surface of the water. 

The video, which was filmed earlier this week, supposedly shows an animal, likened to the Loch Ness Monster, swimming through the capital’s famous waterway, the Mirror reports.

Youtuber Lea K posted the clip online yesterday, calling it ‘Nessie in the Thames’.

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He wrote:

Everyone was looking at a freaking rainbow and no one paid attention to this thing.

Despite the footage being quite convincing, as far as YouTube footage goes, Lea’s not sure that he really filmed a legendary monster saying it was most likely ‘rubbish’ floating in the Thames.

However the video’s sure to spark a debate about whether there really is some kind of beast living in the river.

Nessie-speculation-rife-as-second-sighting-in-the-Thames-caught-on-video (1)Lea K

Only last week YouTube user Penn Plate filmed another huge creature close to the O2 arena from his cable car in Greenwich.

Many have  speculated that the ‘monster’ could be a lost sperm whale similar to the lost northern bottlenose that famously appeared in the River Thames a decade ago.

Apparently in the years since the famous Thames whale was seen, over 50 whales and 450 porpoises and dolphins have been sighted in the city’s waters. So if the ‘creature’ is real it’s probably something more ordinary than a giant sea monster.

What do you think?