Mother And Puppies Found Tied Up In Sack In Middle Of Nowhere

by : UNILAD on : 07 Feb 2018 21:15
Josiane Almeida/Facebook

A heartbreaking video of a dog being found tied up in a sack with her puppies in the middle of nowhere has been posted online.


Josiane Almeida, an animal rescuer from Lagoa da Prata in Brazil, was alerted to the dog and her four puppies, so she and her husband, went to help.

Describing the discovery as ‘one of the worst scenes of mistreatment’ she’d ever seen, Josiane took to Facebook to share the story.


Josiane captioned the video (translated):


Some of the worst scenes of mistreatment I’ve ever witnessed! If you do not have the strength do not see! Mother sick with puppies tied in a sack and thrown in the middle of nowhere!

It’s been there for quite some time! Puppies dizzy and weak due to shortness of breath and mother bleeding a lot! What cowardice! What a sin but God will charge this I’m sure! See until the end! [sic]

In the video, you can see the dog appearing understandably wary as the couple approach her and the pups.

One of the puppies is found free of the sack stood close by her mother’s side, while three other pups were trapped inside.

But the dogs’ ordeal didn’t end there. After being checked over by a local vet, it was discovered the mother had a tumour and required chemotherapy.

Josiane has been keeping her followers updated on the pack’s plight, posting for the need of donations towards the doggo’s treatment on social media.


Posted by Josiane Almeida on Monday, 26 February 2018

Friends and followers have helped out and the momma dog seems to have responded well to her first round of treatment.


Josiane said:

Before that family were suffocated inside a bag thrown to die, but as God is good, we managed to get them out of suffering! Today they live well with me! Thank you God for giving me this opportunity. [sic]

Josiane Almeida/Facebook

Josiane shared a picture and said:

Our baby that was tied in a bag, just arrived from the first chemotherapy session! She’s got venereum tumor. Send a positive energy and prayers so that everything right until the end! The Dr responsible for the case that is taking care of our little girl is dr jonatas of animal territory! Thank you to all who are helping somehow! [sic]

The pups have been doing well, with Josiane sharing adorable videos on her Facebook page.

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Posted by Josiane Almeida on Sunday, 4 March 2018

What a hero!

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