Mouse Runs Up To Cat ‘For Cuddles’ After Being Chased

by : Emily Brown on : 29 Oct 2020 08:27
Xuanwo Video/Weibo

Cats and mice are often seen as enemies, but a video showing one of the little rodents running right into the belly of the beast suggests otherwise. 

To clarify, the mouse doesn’t run down the cat’s throat and into its belly; that would just satiate the cat and fulfil the ‘enemies’ rumour. Instead, it ran towards the fluffy exterior of the cat’s belly, despite being chased by the feline just moments earlier.


Footage of the unusual scene was captured in the central Chinese city Xiangyang on Sunday, October 25, before being posted online where it caught the attention of social media users worldwide.

Check it out below:

The video, shared on the Chinese social media site Weibo and by Xuanwo Video, showed the cat trotting after the mouse as if on the hunt. The mouse initially ran away, but switched to a new tactic by coming to a standstill, almost daring the predator to come closer.


Probably baffled by the mouse’s brazen nature, the black feline appeared to stop tracking its movements and veered off.

Moments later the rodent could be seen eyeing up the cat as it stretched out on the pavement. Apparently deciding it didn’t look very threatening, the mouse darted towards the cat and delved among its fluffy stomach.

Cat chases mouse in ChinaCat chases mouse in ChinaXuanwo Video/Weibo

Stunned, the cat folded its limbs around the mouse before looking round as if to see if anyone else had seen the unbelievable turn of events take place. It then allowed the brave, deserving mouse to snuggle for a few seconds before jumping to its feet and leaving its frenemy behind.


Social media users compared the cat and mouse to the likes of Tom and Jerry; two characters known to confuse and rile each other. Though the pair didn’t usually get along, underneath all the tricks and taunts they had a fond back and forth and missed each other when their routine was upended.

Mouse runs up to cat for cuddlesMouse runs up to cat for cuddlesXuanwo Video/Weibo

However, while we might all like to wish this footage shows the beginning of a beautiful new friendship, animal experts have explained that the mouse’s unusual actions were actually a reaction to fear.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Caroline Clark, an ABTC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviour Counsellor, said:


From the beginning of the video we soon see the mouse freezing. This is a reaction to fear but is also a strategy used by many animals to try and stop the chase in the hope that the aggressor will leave them alone.

It makes no sense to put itself in danger and in my opinion, the fact that it inadvertently runs under the cat’s belly is more about it being shocked, disorientated and therefore not thinking rationally.

Whether irrational or not, the mouse’s actions made for a cute scene.

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