Mum Accidentally Photographs Lethal Predator Lurking Inches From Her Daughter

Bianca Dickinson/Facebook

When a mum took a picture of her daughter she didn’t expect to see a lethal predator lurking just behind her.

What was thought as a nice and innocent photo shoot between mother and daughter was actually a dangerous ‘dicing with death’ situation.

Bianca Dickinson took a picture of her two-year-old daughter Molly out in the Australian outback but something sinister was slithering behind young Molly.

Bianca Dickinson/Facebook

The mother and daughter were waiting for Molly’s two older siblings to get back from school in Kaniva, Victoria, when her mum took the pic.

Seems like a normal picture, right? Well, it is – unless you count that two metre long brown snake which was only inches away from Molly.

OH MY Golly….snakes are on the move!!! I was out taking a photo of my daughter for Jodie @twinklestardesigns and…

Posted by Bianca Dickinson on Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Bianca posted to Facebook:

OH MY Golly….snakes are on the move!!! I was out taking a photo of my daughter for Jodie and thought I saw something move!

It’s really windy here so I thought it was a bit of bark flying from the tree. Looked up to see this massive brown had just passed my 2 year old.

I can’t believe it didn’t touch her!!! Once I was home I checked my camera and found this shot.

Now that is not your average snake, it is an eastern brown snake, which is actually the second most venomous terrestrial snake in the world.

The snake is responsible for around 60 per cent of all snake bite deaths in Australia so no biggie.

Their venom can cause numerous horrific symptoms, including diarrhoea, dizziness, collapse, convulsions, renal failure, paralysis and cardiac arrest – not great then.

Luckily, Molly did come out unscathed, but it could have gone a completely different way.

Talking to The Age, Bianca said:

It was really windy. Then I looked up out of the camera to see where the bark went and saw a big mother of a snake.

I’m surprised it didn’t touch her, it was so close. I checked her for bite marks still.

It really could have turned out much worse, just yesterday we reported on the death of a teenager who posted photos on social media of a snake bite.


The Indonesian boy, known only as Aril, was bitten on his forearm by his pet cobra while trying to take a picture of it at his home in Bundung Regency in Indonesia’s West Java province.

The 14-year-old posted the first of two images to his WhatsApp at 9.50am local time, showing the snake spreading its hood, moments before striking.

The photo was posted on December 11, and was captioned ‘Why not smile a little?’ and has been reported as Aril’s attempt to photograph his cobra after having ‘given it a bath’.


A second picture, posted at 9.54am, showed blood and a bite mark on his right arm. It looked as though Aril had tied a shoelace around his arm to try and prevent the venom from spreading through the rest of his body.

‘Between life and death’, the image was captioned.

Aril’s mum, Neuis Marpuah, said her son’s status ‘wasn’t to boast [about his injury] but to ask his friends for help’ and said her son had been at home alone at the time of the incident.


Aril was reportedly an active member of a non-government organisation who arranged street performances involving the dangerous reptiles in order to raise money for charities helping victims of natural disasters.

Rest in peace, Aril.

Let’s just be glad it didn’t end this way for Molly and Bianca, as it does for so many others.