Mum Asks Son To Adopt Any Pet From Shelter And He Picks 10-Year-Old Tiny

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Mum Asks Son To Adopt Any Pet From Shelter And He Picks 10-Year-Old TinyExploits Valley SPCA Adoptables/Facebook/Spangdahlem Ari Base

A mother offered her son the opportunity to choose any pet from an animal shelter – and the youngster bypassed happy dogs and cute kittens for an incredible chunky cat named Tiny. 

Kids often beg their parents to let them get a pet, and many are never successful, no matter how much they plead. Some are better at wearing down adults, only to be met with something sweet but, let’s be honest, pretty underwhelming, like a goldfish.


So giving a child the opportunity to choose their very own furry friend is a great honour. For lack of a better metaphor, they’d probably react like a kid in a candy store, except all the candy is alive and cuddly.

All of these cats are still available! They have been waiting the longest and need you the most. They’ve spent enough of 2019 in the shelter and need fresh starts for 2020!

Posted by Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

It would no doubt be an overwhelming experience for a youngster, especially when they’re met with all the cute, furry faces in need of a good home, and I imagine settling on just one animal would be a tough choice.

But excited little Easton, from Canada, was determined not to waste his opportunity and followed his heart when it came to selecting his new furry friend.


While scrolling the Facebook page of Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables, in Newfoundland and Labrador, Easton clapped eyes on the beautiful, ginger cat named Tiny. Despite what his name might suggest, however, it would have been pretty hard for Easton not to spot Tiny, because he was one chonky cat.

Boy adopts huge cat called TinyExploits Valley SPCA Adoptables/Facebook

The shelter described the kitty as being ‘shy’ and ‘weight challenged’ with a ‘big round belly that he loves to have rubbed’. The 10-year-old cat and his sister, Trinity, had been taken to the shelter by the previous owner due to unforeseen circumstances.

The brother and sister had not bonded and could go to separate homes, so Easton decided Tiny was the one for him.


After spotting Tiny on the shelter’s Facebook page, the family went to meet the cat, and a spokesperson for the shelter said it was love at first sight between human and feline.

Speaking to Love Meow, they said:

Easton loved Tiny because Tiny loved him. He was never withdrawn around him from the second he saw him.

Boy adopts huge cat called TinyExploits Valley SPCA Adoptables/Facebook

The family officially sealed the deal by signing the adoption paperwork and an incredible image taken on the way home showed Tiny lounging in, or rather, completely taking over, his new owner’s lap.

Exploits Valley SPCA shared the image on Facebook, writing:

On the ride home Tiny got out of his cage and cuddled in with his new owner and has been stuck to him ever since. Great job Easton, Tiny is one lucky cat!

Hopefully Easton will give Tiny all the belly rubs he deserves!


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    Young Boy Could Adopt Any Pet But Chose 10-year-old Giant Ginger Named Tiny!

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