Mum Horrified By Dozens Of Spiders Infesting Her Daughter’s Bedroom

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Mum Horrified By Dozens Of Spiders Infesting Her Daughter's BedroomPrinPeta/Twitter

A mum was horrified to find dozens of spiders in her daughter’s bedroom, a scene that looked like something straight out of I’m A Celebrity. 

Pictures of the uninvited guests were shared on Twitter today, January 27, and you can’t help but feel sorry for the people whose home it is.


Shared by Twitter user @PrinPeta, who claims to be friends with the mum whose daughter’s room was infested, they captioned the photos, ‘Gaaaahhhhhhhh, a friend of mine in Sydney just walked into her daughter’s room and found this [sic].’

Despite the concerning sight, @PrinPeta wrote that while the spiders were ‘bloody big, hairy, fast and scary’, it isn’t thought that they were deadly.

Thought to be Huntsman spiders, one person commented on the post, describing the arachnids as ‘the best house guest to have’.


They wrote:

Huntsman Spiders are the best house guest to have. They keep your home clear of dangerous bugs. They’re not harmful to humans & they mind their own business.

One, maybe – but that many? No thank you.


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Upon seeing the picture, another Twitter user wrote, ‘This is why Australia isn’t on my list of emigration options,’ while someone else said, ‘Cancels any crazy idea i ever had of visiting Australia.’

Another person said, ‘I would faint if I walked into a room and saw this’, as many other people dubbed it as their ‘worst nightmare’ – something I can’t help but relate to.

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