Mystery Of Who Crashed Golf Cart Into Car Solved With Unbelievable CCTV Footage

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Mystery Of Who Crashed Golf Cart Into Car Solved With Unbelievable CCTV FootageViralHog

A woman from Canada was initially left mystified to find that a golf cart had collided with her parked truck, and at first glance assumed that the mayhem before her had been caused by a human joyrider.

However, after checking back through CCTV footage, Winnipeg resident Mallory Kmet realised the culprit in question was a little closer to home. And a lot cuter.


In hilarious footage captured last month, Mallory’s 10-year-old English mastiff can be seen hopping into the cart and taking it for a spin across the lawn, having accidentally pressed his paw on the gas pedal.

Check it out below:


All pet owners know dogs are far smarter than you might expect, capable of understanding words such as ‘biscuit’ and ‘walk’ and knowing just how to trick you into giving them two dinners with extra treats.


However, few could have guessed that man’s best friend is also – sort of – capable of driving around in a golf cart without a helping human hand.

Admittedly, Titan is an absolutely terrible driver, managing to collide with both the car in question and a paddling pool simultaneously, but to be fair he’s a damn sight better than I was on my driving test.

Thankfully, the adventurous dog hopped out unharmed after the mini collision, padding off to no doubt cause further mischief elsewhere.

dog crashes gold cart (ViralHog)ViralHog

Family Of Woman Left In Crashed Car For Three Days Reaches Settlement With Police

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Mallory told local reporters that Titan had been seeking shelter beneath the hooded cart, having been banned from the deck after getting himself sprayed by a skunk.

Mallory recalled:

We were away and then we came back and I said to my husband, ‘Oh my god! Someone was in our yard and took our golf cart for a joyride and smashed it into my truck’.

‘He got on it but he’s too big. So he’s moving around and he sat on the gas pedal and it took off and hit my truck. The golf cart was pushed into the truck pretty good so he hit it pretty good,’ she added.


Apparently Titan hasn’t been put off by his canine clanger, and still enjoys riding around in the golf cart with his owner, who uses the cart to transport firewood. Going forward however, Mallory will make sure to shut down the cart properly to stop any further daredevil antics.

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