Mystery Surrounds Deaths Of Hundreds Of Sea Lions Washing Up On Coast


Something disturbing has been happening to animals across beaches in recent weeks.

This isn’t about unexplained giant squids, or the Loch-ness monster.

Over recent weeks, dead and dying seabirds and marine animals have been washing up on the shores.

Since at least April, the animals have washed up in their dozens in California, with local residents sickened by the discovery.

Kyle Cory, a local resident, told CBS Los Angeles, that every time he walks along the beaches of Ventura Country, he witnesses something dreadful:

 It’s affected me in a bad way. How many have to die before somebody cares?


Local newspaper, the Ventura County Star, reported that ‘calls have flooded in’ as beach-goers witnessed ‘sick or dying sea lions stranded’, with other dolphins and pelicans also being affected.

Although the cause remains a mystery, experts believe that a toxin may be responsible for the wildlife deaths.

Domoic acid, referred to as ‘red-tide’, can accumulate in fish and shellfish, which are then eaten by larger sea creatures like marine mammals and birds.


Domoic acid poisoning is not an uncommon problem in Southern California, but advocates say this year’s impact is exceptionally bad, likely due to warmer oceans.

If you see an animal in distress, contact the RSPCA’s 24-hour crulety-line on 0300 1234 999.