Mystery Surrounds Huge Slimy Creature Washed Up On Beach

Pattimura Military Command

A gruesome picture of a mysterious sea creature washed up on an Indonesian beach has emerged and the origins of the rotting carcass are seriously confusing people. 

The slippery creature – measuring 15 metres in length and several metres in width – was spotted on Seram Island, Maluku.

Asrul Tuanakota was the unfortunate person to make the discovery when he found it on Tuesday night and initially believed it was an abandoned boat, Jakarta Globe reports.

Pattimura Military Command

The ‘monster’ has grasped the imagination of locals, with people flocking to Hulung beach to stare in wonder at the huge, bloated carcass and speculate what on earth it is.

Confused by the size of the beast, some people have said it could be the rank remains of a giant squid, whereas others have said it could be part of whale – and we’re inclined to agree with them.

Whatever it is, residents understandably want the mysterious creature removed from their beach and have asked local authorities to help them dispose of the decaying ocean dweller.

YouTube/nine news

Disturbingly, this isn’t the only time a weird creature has rocked up on heavenly beaches, as earlier this year a ‘hairy’ creature washed up in the Philippines baffling locals.

Here’s hoping the locals get the help they need soon, that smell is not going to get better…