Mythical ‘Vampire Beast’ Found Dead By Fisherman


A legendary ‘mythical’ creature, which murders animals and drinks their blood, has reportedly been found in the U.S.

The carcass of the infamous vampire beast, known as a ‘chupacabra’, was spotted by a guy who was fishing in Big Darby Creek in Ohio, the Daily Star reports.

The photo, which was later posted to Imgur, shows the head of an animal corpse with huge teeth. Pretty fucking terrifying.


He wrote:

I was wading the creek, fishing for smallmouth bass, when I stepped onto a small island and nearly tripped over this chupacabra carcass.

This comes just over a month after a ‘chupacabra’ was reportedly killed in Ukraine by a pitchfork wielding villager.

chupacabra-605789Will Stewart

It’s believed the South American beast kills rabbits and livestock before drinking their blood. Just, nope.

The photographer explained that, unfortunately, they couldn’t send this corpse to the labs (probably because it definitely does doesn’t exist).

He said:

I was tempted to, but didn’t want to sling that mess over my shoulder. I returned a few days later and the carcass was gone.

Riiight, seems a bit too convenient if you ask me.

And it seems others were sceptical too, with commenters suggesting it could actually be a dog or a wolf.


Whatever it is, it’s something I definitely wouldn’t want to find in my back garden.