‘New Species Of Crocodile’ Discovered As Dog Plays In Water

Dog playing in water looks like crocodileUNILAD

A playful dog has proved he could go undiscovered among crocodiles as he posed as a new species of the scary reptile. 

There are lots of breeds of dogs out there in the world, and it seems like there’s just been one more added to the list: a crocodile-dog hybrid.

Well, not really, but there’s a very cute dog who seems to be trying his best to be a crocodile.

Watch the hilarious footage here:

The video was shared on Twitter by a woman called Tracy, and quickly gained a lot of attention when she revealed that a ‘new species of crocodile’ had been discovered.

The caption read:

New breed of Crocodile discovered in South Wales woodland.

The video showed a Border collie doing a top-notch crocodile impression, with its nose peeking out of the water as it lay in waiting, ready to pounce on its prey.

He must have been watching some David Attenborough documentaries for tips.

Dog playing in water looks like crocodileUNILAD

The croco-dog remained concealed (sort of) beneath the water while one dog approached, but seemed to decide that particular pooch wasn’t worth giving himself away for.

He awaited a more direct attack, and as soon as another doggo got close, he made his move and leaped from the shallows.

Thankfully, croco-dog didn’t act exactly like a crocodile, and let the other dog go for a swim rather than catching him in his jaws.

The brilliant video naturally received a lot of attention, earning over 9 million views and 168,000 retweets on Twitter.

People have also been coming up with excellent nicknames for the collie-slash-reptile, which admittedly are much better than my ‘croco-dog’ attempt.

One person wrote:

Is it a doggodile? I’m patenting this name.

Another came up with:

Colligator new species very rare finding.

And my personal favourite:

A crococoli spotted in its natural habitat. Amazing.

Tracy shared the video on her Twitter page, which is actually her dog Denis’ Twitter page. Denis isn’t the predatory collie, but rather the first potential prey we see in the video.

Denis seemed to be a little jealous that it was the black and white dog getting all the fame, and tried to downplay the collie’s actions.

“He” tweeted:

It seems my last tweet “went viral” ….. because it had someone else’s dog in it doing something funny

Since posting the video, Denis has been sharing details of his life as an almost-famous dog.

He posted an adorable selfie, obviously exhausted from his internet fame.

The tweet read:

All this re-tweeting and “going viral” has worn me out. I’m dreaming of what I can spend the money Mum flogged it for on….

The canine also shared his hopes and dreams for a better viral-video world, where views would earn him a tasty treat.

His tweet read:

9 MILLION VIEWS!!! ***closes eyes and dreams of a world where every view is rewarded with a Doggy Biskwit***

I think Tracy should give Denis an abundance of biscuits for introducing the croco-dog (I’m sticking with it) to the world.

Those are some very good doggos.

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