NOPE: Builders Digging Up Floor Get Nasty Surprise When Hundreds Of Rats Emerge

Live Leak

An unfortunate group of builders got a very nasty surprise and their own daily dose of NOPE while they were digging up a floor in Brazil.

The construction workers were greeted by a massive plague of rats running right at them after they accidentally disturbed their hiding place by drilling through a house’s concrete flooring.

And in the Live Leak footage, as the hundreds of rats scatter, the men seem pretty horrified, hastily moving out of the way of the stampede of rodents escaping.

And the rats just keep on coming! It’s absolute chaos.

Props to these lads for keeping their cool and not just screaming and running off in terror.

It’s a fairly horrifying reminder that anything could be lurking under your floorboards. So, you know, sleep soundly tonight…