NOPE: Giant 33ft Squid Caught Off Coast Of Spain


It’s like something straight out of a Sci-Fi film or your worst nightmares – a massive 33ft, 330lbs squid has been caught off the coast of Spain, reminding us never to go swimming in the sea ever again.

As reported by the Mirror Online, this absolute beast was caught in fishermen’s nets which they were trawling at a depth of almost 500m.

The creature, believed to be a female, reminds us of what Daleks in Doctor Who look like under those shells. Not to imply that this poor lass of a squid has the same mindset as the extermination happy villains.


And, when she’s fully stretched out, you get a sense of the scale of this humongous creature and it’s both impressive and terrifying in equal measure!

Speaking of their monster catch, one of the fishing boat crew said:

To see a specimen of this size can intimidate anybody, even those who fish every day and have spent a lifetime at sea.

The animal has now been frozen and sent to experts at The Study and Protection of Marine Species in Northern Spain for further study.


Speaking of their new arrival, the president of the organisation said:

It is an extraordinary example, one of the biggest we have seen in the last few years.

These monsters can reportedly grow to as big as 43ft, so this isn’t even the largest example you might come across in the deep blue sea. Good lord!