NOPE: Girl Finds Dead Frog In Her McDonald’s Chicken Wrap


This is enough to put you off McDonald’s for life.

A ten-year-old girl bit into her Big Flavour sweet chilli chicken wrap to find a dead frog.

Dave Buckley, 42, and his daughter Cordellia stopped at a Drive-Thru on October 31st to get some food. But as the young girl bit into her meal she discovered something tough and chewy.

Pulling it out of her mouth Cordellia quickly realised that it wasn’t a particularly grisly bit of chicken, but in fact, was a dead frog.


Her dad, from Moreton, Merseyside, said:

She only had a little bit before she felt something funny in her mouth. She spat it into her hand and said ‘Ew, this is horrible. What is is?’ Then she said, ‘It’s a frog! It’s a frog!’

I was driving down the motorway and she was freaking out. She was going to be sick. I told her not to be silly and to put it into the bag. Then we stopped and it was pretty obvious what it was. I phoned McDonald’s. I was disgusted.

Dave says he spoke to the McDonald’s customer services, and they told him he’d need to send them the frog in a sample bag, but apparently they ‘didn’t say sorry’.

He thought it might have been put in there as a ‘Halloween prank’, adding:

It’s not a natural thing, like finding a slug in your lettuce. It was quite obvious that someone had put it in there.

Someone is making these wraps up. A frog doesn’t just turn up in a wrap. I don’t think it was a mistake, but if it was then it’s crazy that someone didn’t notice it.


Unsurprisingly, Dave says the incident has put him and his daughter off McDonald’s for life.

Common frogs are widespread in the UK and contain salmonella bacteria, which lives in their intestines and can be passed on through contact with people, particularly young children.

McDonald’s have been contacted for comment.