NOPE: Huge Winged Insect Pulled From Bed Of Wax In Patient’s Ear


Because we just can’t get enough of watching NOPE-worthy videos of insects being removed from unfortunate people’s ears and making ourselves feel thoroughly ill in the process, here’s one which raises the stakes again.

The gruesome video is one of the worst we’ve seen – the man had reportedly been complaining of earache before he got it checked out and, when you see what was causing his pain, it’s not difficult to see why he was in such agony.

The camera gives us a good look inside the guy’s ear and, at first, it looks like a small bug is nestling on top of a very large lump of brown ear wax.

However, as the doctor starts to go at this thing with tweezers, it soon becomes apparent that there’s a bit more to this insect than first meets the eye.

It takes a bit of work but, eventually, two huge slabs of ear wax are removed, before the doc sticks the tweezers back in one last time and removes an absolutely humongous bug. Seriously, this thing is an absolute beast.

It’s not exactly clear what the insect in question is – it looks like it might be a large winged cockroach – all we know is it’s the NOPIEST piece of NOPE we’ve seen pulled out of an ear in some time.

On the plus side, this lad could probably hear a lot better after this monstrosity was finally removed. So that’s good…