NOPE: Spider Bite Turns British Plumber’s Neck Black

spider neck2Georgie Gillard

Your daily dose of nope is here to brighten up your Monday morning, because no matter how shitty you feel going into work, spare a thought for Sunil Dade.

The 33-year-old from London was bitten by a spider, and has now seen his neck turn black. Yeah, that’s right. Black.

The trainee plumber thinks a false widow spider bit him when he was taking out his washing in the garden, and called it a ‘million times worse’ than a bee sting.

spider neck webGeorgie Gillard

He said:

It was like I’d been struck by lightning.

I started shaking, my legs, my arms, uncontrollably. I ran into the house crying and shouting for my younger brother Sandeep, who’s 25, to help me.


It took him a day to go to the GP, who then sent him to A&E.

Sunil was then prescribed antibiotics, yet after a week, his neck started to turn black.

Bits of skin were peeling off and his neck was bleeding, and at that point you’d really begin to worry – which he did.

Sunil is still suffering, and has been unable to go to work – with his GP confirming he had been bitten by a venomous spider.

Given he threw the spider away, there’s no way to tell if it was a false widow, but looking at the mess it’s made of Sunil’s neck, let’s hope there aren’t any coming our way.