NOPE: This Woman’s Worm Eating Videos Are So Gross Police Are Removing Them


Foul footage of a YouTuber who will ‘eat anything’ devouring a plate full of live worms has emerged online.

The gross glutton is known as ‘Sister Feng’, real name Feng Luoyo, and her latest stunt has caused so much outrage it’s even gotten Feng in trouble with local police.

The nauseating video shows Feng launching herself face first into a plate full of wriggling worms grabbing as many of the poor bugs as she can in her mouth.


The 45-year-old then begins scooping up handfuls of the minibeasts, shovelling them into her gaping maw in a vomitous and desperate ploy for media attention.

Police aren’t happy with the sinister snacker though, and have begun to take down her videos because they don’t want people copying her potentially dangerous stunts.

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Feng has shot to fame in the Chinese province of Hebei, gaining 1.4 million followers on Weibo, China’s version of Facebook, after she weirdly began handing out flyers in Shangahi to try and meet ‘Mr Right’.

Known as the woman who will eat anything, Sister Feng has posted videos in the past of her eating live eels, whole pieces of ginger and even glass light bulbs.

Needless to say – definitely don’t try this at home.