NOPE: Video Shows Man’s Ear Infested With Dozens Of Fly Larvae

by : UNILAD on : 21 Oct 2015 17:06

Get ready for your daily dose of NOPE, as a grim video has emerged out of China showing the moment a guy’s ear was flushed out after a bunch of fly narvae had nested inside.


Resisting the urge to kill them all with fire, the doctors instead opted for the calmer and much more sensible route of removing them via more conventional means.

This medical professional’s coolness in the face of NOPE is inspiring, quite frankly, and a reminder that we could never do what they do.


The gruesome footage was reportedly captured on an endoscope at a hospital in Sax Xin Nan Lu, in the Guangdong Province of China on October 14.


In the video, several of the creepy crawlies can be seen wiggling around and having a wild old time in their makeshift home, until the medical professional goes to work getting them the hell out of there.

And, sadly for us, this unfortunate bloke refused interviews with the press following his ordeal so we’re left to speculate as to how he ended up with dozens of insects chilling out in his ear.

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    Gruesome video shows man's ear infested with dozens of fly larvae