Orphaned Kitten Found In Wall Has Perfectly Symmetrical Two-Tone Face

by : Cameron Frew on : 05 Apr 2021 09:33
Orphaned Kitten Found In Wall Has Perfectly Symmetrical Two-Tone Facekittenitwithkiki/Instagram

Meet Apricot, the orphaned kitten with a symmetrical two-tone face who was abandoned in a wall with her sibling.

Apricot and her sister Pretzel were found by a family who’d just moved into their new home. While doing some DIY around the house, they came across the kittens hidden in the wall.


They immediately took the cats to Nashville Cat Rescue in Tennessee, where foster care volunteer Kiki introduced them to two new mums, Olive and Pickle, who’d also been rescued and recently had kittens of their own.

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The reason behind Apricot’s distinctive look isn’t entirely clear. Some experts believe she’d be classed as a genetic chimeric cat, meaning her cells have two different types of DNA as a result of two embryos fusing, as per Bored Panda.


Sharing a video of Apricot on her Instagram page (@kittenitwithkiki), Kiki wrote, ‘I fostered cats, but maybe I’m a Pokémaster now. What is this little creature?’

The publication reached out to the animal shelter to find out more about the cats, which said, ‘Apricot and Pretzel (we have a charcuterie theme) feel like they have always been here! They were accepted so fast by Pickle and Olive and fit right in with the other babies.’

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The two ‘momma cats’ had been trapped in a cat colony, with a family later contacting the rescue and asking they remain together, even when they’re adopted.

The rescue said, ‘They were still a little shy and often greeted me with a hiss or growling. It was clear, however, that the girls loved each other and felt safe together. I spent as much time as I could with them, while still respecting their need for space. I even sat on the floor and worked on my laptop most days.’

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Pickle went on to give birth to six kittens, with one sadly passing away. Olive then gave birth to her own kitten a week later. ‘Pickle and Olive are such a joy to watch and their babies are undeniably cute. They swap babies and care for each other’s like they were their own,’ the shelter said.

This is where Apricot and Pretzel came in: after they were brought to the shelter, the two mums accepted them into their litters like they were their own.

While the cats are still in the shelter’s care, it also also confirmed, ‘Moms and babies will all be available for adoption in a few weeks! Until then, they remain in a foster home with me!’

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