Outrage After Guys Use Shark’s Mouth To Open Can Of Beer


A video of a guy opening a can of beer on a shark’s teeth has gone viral and caused outrage among people concerned for the animal’s wellbeing.

One guy can be seen holding the large fish out of water on the beach, forcing its jaws open, while the other ‘springbreaker’ bashes his can on the animal’s teeth.

He then drinks from the beer from the hole in the can while the shark lies on the beach – presumably suffocating.

I can only assume he was trying to be a ‘legend’ by removing a notoriously dangerous animal from its natural habitat with no way of defending itself and then over-powering it.


It’s not exactly a fair fight is it? The clip was posted on Total Frat Move’s Twitter page and received over 16k likes.

Thankfully, not everyone was impressed with the cruel stunt:

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Respect all animals…

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It’s not clear what happened to the shark after the boys opened a beer can on its teeth.

Numerous Twitter users hoped that the shark got its revenge.