Outrage As Bullfighter Poses With Ear Of Bull That Nearly Killed Her


WARNING: Distressing Content


A controversial bullfighter who cut the ear off a bull she killed as a grisly trophy in 2015 has caused outrage by repeating the gory display.

Lea Vicens, who fights bulls on horseback, posed with a severed ear once again after a close fight with the bull which saw her come within inches of being gored by the beast’s horns.


In the end though Lea managed to kill the bull after stabbing it with three lances during the San Isidro Feria at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, on Saturday.

Bullfighting continues to be controversial and while it remains popular in Spain and Portugal, animal right’s activists have claimed it’s nothing but a cruel and barbarous blood sport.


Despite this, others have defended the sport. Most notably the author Alexander Fiske-Harrison who trained as a bullfighter to research a book on the subject.

He argues that before they enter the ring the bulls are exceptionally well treated.

He points out that fighting bulls tend to live three to four years longer than other cows, have a more natural life where they’re allowed to roam forests and receive the best care from vets.


Interestingly there’s been something of a backlash against the anti-bullfighting movement in recent years, especially after the death of bullfighter Victor Barrio in July 2016 who’s death was celebrated by many activists as a victory.

The celebrations were seen as inappropriate by a number of people and criminal investigations were launched into activists who taunted Barrio’s grieving widow.