Overly Attached Pet Rat Won’t Let His Owner Shower Alone

by : Mike Williams on : 25 Oct 2020 17:39
Overly Attached Pet Rat Won't Let His Owner Shower AloneMaya Zazu/YouTube

Usually it’s a cute puppy or kitten we see as overly affectionate to their owners, so allow us to introduce you to this adorably clingy rat.

One doesn’t always associate rats as being the ideal or affectionate type of pet (sorry, rat owners), with a reputation around the world for being disease-ridden vermin.


However, domesticated rats are quite the opposite and, as you can tell from the footage, extremely loving towards their owners.

Shared on Reddit, by u/trollachot, the half-a-minute video shows the fury creature continually try to re-enter the shower space every time its owner picks it up and puts it on a dry towel on the floor.

My pet rat is too attached to let me shower on my own,’ reads the post’s headline, which has received over 17,000 upvotes since it was uploaded a day ago, and has amassed well over a thousand comments from admirers and jokers alike.


‘Can you imagine being buddies with someone x100 your size? It’s like being friends with a building,’ one top Redditor asked, which promoted a thread of replies.

‘If only a building would feed me and tuck me in at night,’ another said back.

Throughout the video, its owner carefully picks up their pet rat and places it outside of the soon-to-be-soapy and extremely wet shower, only for it to immediate return from whence it came, only for it to scurry back to investigate everything in sight.

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    My pet rat is too attached to let me shower on my own