Baby Owl Rescued From Rockefeller Christmas Tree Released Into The Wild

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Nov 2020 13:09
Baby Owl Rescued From Rockefeller Christmas Tree Released Into The WildRavensbeard Wildlife Center

The tiny owl found in the branches of Rockefeller’s Christmas tree has been released into the wild after being rescued by a wildlife centre. 

The Saw-whet owl hitched a ride from Oneonta to New York City, where she was discovered by the tree transportation company. Named Rockefeller in honour of her epic journey, the owl was then taken into the care of Ravensbeard Wildlife Center, who fed her fluids and mice to help her regain her strength after her days spent without eating.


The centre continued to care for Rockefeller over the following days, preparing her for release.

Check out footage of her return to freedom below:

Ravensbeard assured that it always consults with experts and avian vets before releasing birds to ensure they have the best chance of re-entering the wild, and after Rockefeller was ‘cleared by specialists to be released’ the centre got ready to ‘send her back on her migratory journey at dusk’.


The owl, nicknamed Rocky, was released yesterday, November 24, after staff found ‘just the right quiet cluster of conifers to give her the safety she needs’.

In an update shared on Twitter, Ravensbeard said the release was a ‘success’, adding:

She’s a tough little bird and we’re happy to see her back in the wild. She will feel your love & support through her journey south.


Though Rockefeller is no longer in the centre’s care, Ravensbeard cares for a range of other animals, with ‘all friends furry, spiky, feathered, & scaly’ welcome for care. You can support the centre on its GoFundMe page here.

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Ravensbeard Wildlife Center/Twitter
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