Owner Shocked As Dog Manages To Chew His Toy Into Shape Of A Penis

by : Julia Banim on : 06 Apr 2020 13:55
Dog ToyCaters

With many of us spending much more time indoors, creative types have been honing their artistic skills in their living rooms and kitchens, from watercolour painting to jewellery making.

However, I must confess, nothing I have created has come anywhere close to the masterpiece crafted by a deceptively innocent-looking pug from Devon.


Four-year-old Dave from Plymouth somehow managed to gnaw his chew toy into the shape of a startlingly realistic penis, complete with the sort of balls you definitely wouldn’t go around throwing at the park.

Dog ToyCaters

Dave’s human mama Zara Teare, 34, bought the treat for the naughty-minded pup, but couldn’t have guessed the creative licence he would take with it.

Zara was left speechless yet impressed by the handiwork of her pint-sized sculptor, who appeared to be wearing a slightly guilty expression in pictures.


According to Zara:

I was absolutely speechless when I saw what he had done.

Indeed, Zara was so proud of her rude yet imaginative dog that she decided to keep the sculpture rather than toss it straight in the trash. It is unclear at the time of writing whether or not whether the supportive owner intends to enter it into any exhibitions.

Dog ToyCaters

Artists have drawn inspiration from phallic objects for many centuries, with little Dave joining the hallowed company of esteemed artists such as Andy Warhol and Louise Bourgeois.

Being quite a silent and mysterious genius, it’s unsure what sort of statement Dave was trying to make and why. Will this good boy be looking towards the Turner Prize in years to come?

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