Owner Ties Dog Up Outside Store, Dog Is Having Absolutely None Of It

Dog refuses to be tied up outside of shop.Newsflare

There are some natural born rebels in our society who just don’t and won’t conform to expected conventions.

Take for instance maverick basset hound Lily from Kawakawa, New Zealand, who had been expected to wait patiently outside while her human mama – Lucie Green – nipped into a bakery to get her a sausage. Apparently she’s not a butcher’s dog.

Trusting her to be a good girl, Lucie tied Lily to what she had believed to be an immovable post. Unfortunately, this was actually an extremely draggable Coca-Cola flag which just couldn’t keep this naughty fur baby tethered.

As Lucie headed into the shop, Lily moved about a little; causing the flag to move too. Freaked out, the poor dog took off across the street; pulling the comparatively huge flag with her.

The confused dog zig-zagged this way and that in the pouring rain; narrowly dodging cars. Much to Lily’s alarm, she was pursued by the ever-present flag no matter how fast she ran.

Lucie clocked on quickly and raced out to catch Lily, rushing all over the road in hot pursuit of her panicked and soggy pooch.

The person who filmed the hilarious scene said:

Lucie went in to to the bakery to get the dog a sausage and clipped it to what she thought was a sold post.

The dog moved a bit and the flag dragged and scared the dog.

The hilarious footage – which was filmed September 9 – has since been shared on social media, much to the delight of dog lovers everywhere, with some remaining ‘unsure if dog owns human or vice versa’.

One person spluttered:

We could hardly breathe for laughing. I hope you have recovered Lucy.

Another amused person noted:

I’ve never seen a Basset Hound run so fast!

Lucie told the New Zealand Herald:

I’ve done it before and hitched her to the flag and put her lead around it.

It’s right next to the open doorway so she can see me when I’m ordering her sausage.

I don’t know what happened on this occasion but something spooked her and she jumped. The concrete slab on the flag scraped along the ground and then she took off. I turned around and charged down High St.

She added:

It wasn’t until I saw the video that I realised I had charged into oncoming traffic, which is quite alarming, but I just wanted to get hold of her before someone hit her.

It was genuinely frightening at the time but after catching her I laughed as I’d ran the whole length of High St along SH1.

I was yelling her name at the top of my voice. I finally caught up to her and she had turned the corner to try to take herself home.

It was quite a long run and weaving in and out of traffic. It looks like I’m chasing a windsurfer down the street!

Posted by Lucie Green on Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Hopefully Lucy still managed to grab a treat for this silly sausage. Could Lily be the new free-spirited hero for our times?

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