Owners Drill Hole In Turtle And Chain It To Tree So They Can Go On Holiday


A couple in Germany called the fire brigade after discovering a turtle lying on its back in a garden with a large ring pierced through its shell.

50-year-old Arne Stenzel and 48-year-old Ute Nack from Dortmund were ‘shocked’ at the sight of the trapped yellow-bellied slider left exposed to the boiling sunshine, without a source of water to regulate its temperature.

The ring was attached to a 23ft cable wire attached to a tree, all so the owners could go off and enjoy themselves on holiday. Meanwhile, their pet turtle was left in great distress.


Without access to a necessary watering hole, the poor creature had desperately tried to find a place to keep cool on the ground, leading to the restrictive wire becoming tangled up in blackberry bushes.

Talking with German news outlet, Bild, Arne explained his feelings after witnessing this act of animal cruelty:

I was shocked. You also cannot secure a dog to a wire and just drive away.

Luckily, representatives from animal rescue organisation Ark 90 went quickly to the scene. Ark 90 and the veterinary office of the city of Dortmund were able to free the poor turtle, handing it over to the care of a local animal shelter.


Perhaps what is most upsetting is how much pain the poor turtle would have been in throughout the ordeal.

According to Deputy Head of the local animal shelter Max Schauerte:

The animal must have felt agonising pain because the shell is by no means just a shell, but similar to human skin.

The ignorance shown in regards to the basic needs of this special and beautiful pet is as astounding as it is callous.

When the owners return from their holiday they can expect to face animal cruelty charges.