Pair Of Enormous Sea Lions Half Sink Someone’s Boat

by : Cameron Frew on : 25 Dec 2020 13:45
Sea lions boat thumbJoshua Phillips/Facebook

We’re gonna need a bigger boat for these two enormous sea lions.

It’s common movie fodder for big sea creatures to sink someone’s vessel. In Jaws, Quint is bloodily dragged into the water as the boat slowly sinks. In Deep Blue Sea, a massive Mako shark blasts through a yacht full of partygoers. Whether it’s Moby Dick or the Kraken, our boats are there for their destruction.


So, if a couple of massive sea lions want to commandeer somebody’s boat, simply just to lie on, I’m afraid we’ll just have to let them.

Joshua Phillips, ex-football player and president of SPAWN Fly Fish, was out on the waters of Puget Sound off the coast of Washington last year, when he spotted to sea lions riding a boat, with its stern sinking.

Sea lions can weigh up to 1,000kg, so it’s unsurprising the small boat doesn’t look capable of holding the lazy pair.


The clip has since racked up millions of views, with one user commenting: ‘Thanks. That’s great! So huge! That little sailboat reminds me of my old Pearson Electra. Best boat ever! Now I see that I was always just two sealions away from my demise!’

Joshua Phillips/Facebook

Another wrote: ‘Who knew…. sailboats could be used as wildlife conservation… as well as a place to avoid shark attacks.’ A third commented: ‘Freaking sea lions eating all the salmon and all stealing people’s boats!’

Others compared the sea lions to themselves and friends off on a journey to McDonald’s or somewhere else to eat. Others took a harsher view of the mammals, but as one user wrote, they’re just ‘two massive boys needing a ride’.


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