Pair Of Naughty Dogs Call Police 16 Times

dogs ring policeFox9/@Lakeville Police/Twitter

Not all dogs are good boys (or girls), as pups Remy and Bomber proved when they rang the police a total of 16 times.

The pair may look cute, but they’re actually cheeky, mischievous, and would do absolutely anything to get some attention – including dialing 911.

Last Thursday (February 21), the Lakeville Police Department in Minnesota received a 911 call which was completely silent.

Officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares were dispatched to the home in Lakeville to check it out.

Although the officers have responded to numerous silent calls in the past, this one was different as the house was locked and seemingly empty.

By the time they’d arrived, three more 911 calls had been received from the property, so the officers had a walk around the area before leaving.

However, the calls kept coming, and during a couple of them, dogs could be heard barking in the background.

The officers decided to return to the house, and rang the owner to get a code to open the garage, so they could enter the property.

Once inside, they were met by the papillon, as well as the hound, who were clearly excited to see some friendly humans.

Roberts told The Dodo how at first, the doggos were a little shy, despite the multiple cries for attention:

I was more concerned because I thought there was a human in there who can’t talk or move and just keeps calling for help. I never thought it was the dogs, that’s for sure.

They barked at first and then they were a little timid. But that didn’t last very long. They just wanted to be pet and they were super friendly.

The officers discovered a mobile phone lay on the desk, which was set to ’emergency call only’.

All the pups needed to do to ring 911 was to tap the screen with their nose or paw.

dogs ring policeFox 9

Roberts, who’s been a police officer for 20 years, has never had to apprehend a pair of dogs before, with the experience leaving her bemused.

She revealed how the owner was equally perplexed:

He didn’t believe it was the dogs at all until he heard the 911 tape with the dogs barking in the background and you can tell they’re really close. Then he seemed kind of baffled.

The homeowner did take the phone into AT&T to find out if there was anything wrong with the phone, they confirmed that there was not.

Roberts was just glad the ’emergency’ turned out to be an accident. All the dogs really wanted was some loving!

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