Paris Zoo Evacuated After 50 Baboons Escape


Fifty baboons have escaped from their enclosure, which has resulted in the evacuation of a zoo in Paris.

Vincennes zoo, on the southeastern outskirts of the French capital, was evacuated and three marksmen with hypodermic guns are at the scene, according to The Telegraph.

The baboons escaped early this afternoon, though it isn’t clear why, and luckily never made it ‘in contact with the public’ before they gathered around a large rock at the centre of the zoo.

A policeman reportedly told Le Parisien:

Our colleagues have them surrounded. They could be dangerous. They mustn’t get out of the park.

A perimeter has been established around the zoo so that people are in absolutely no risk from the animals.


It is currently thought that there are now only 4 baboons out of their cage and the others are in the cage.

The primates are Guinea baboons, which are a threatened species, and so are a conservation priority.