Pefectly Preserved Blue Whale Heart Weighing 270Kg Goes On Display


The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto has got a new exhibit – a blue whale heart weighing a monumental 270kg.

The Herculean whale heart was put on display on Thursday and shockingly is the same size as a pony.

According to the Daily Mail, the heart is the first one to ever be fully preserved and if treated properly it could last for 1,000 years.


Even to get into its current state the heart has been on one helluva journey from Canada to Germany: all in order to rid the organ of anything that would cause it to break down.

First off the heart was placed in an acetone bath to remove all of the water from the organ.

Next the beast was put into a synthetic plastic bath before being placed into a vaccum chamber to boil the remaining acetone out of the heart.


There the heart remained for four months until it was ready to shipped back to Canada and put on display at the museum.

Jacqueline Miller, a mammalogy technician who has been working on the whale since it was first discovered, said:

It’s quite a bit smaller than we were expecting but we’re very, very proud.

I can imagine!