Penguins Allowed To Roam Around Chicago Museum To See Dinosaurs While It’s Closed To Public

by : Cameron Frew on : 10 Jul 2020 13:00

Penguins Allowed To Roam Around Museum To See Dinosaurs While It's Closed To PublicShedd Aquarium

A Chicago aquarium’s resident penguins got a chance to walk alongside the dinosaurs. 

Due to the current pandemic, the first half of the year saw mass closures of major public attractions all across the world; in this case, zoos, aquariums and museums.

Little by little, some are starting to re-open as the world slowly starts to emerge from the other side of the outbreak. However, before the public came barging back into Shedd Aquarium, the penguins went on a ‘field trip’.


Check out a video of the penguins going on an adventure below: 


In an adorable video posted to the aquarium’s Facebook page, you can see Izzy and Darwin as the stroll through a land before time at the Field Museum, filled with incredible dinosaur exhibits.

The clip’s caption read: ‘Magellanic penguin pair Izzy and Darwin waddled over to visit our neighbors at Field Museum, including SUE the T. rex and Máximo the Titanosaur.’

Penguins Shedd AquariumShedd Aquarium

These ‘field trips’ are conducted fairly regularly with the penguins, helping them exercise while introducing some variety into their lives at the aquarium. In other videos, penguins can be seen exploring several different areas, with Wellington emerging as the keenest traveller of the lot.

While details regarding Field Museum’s re-opening will come soon, Shedd Aquarium is back in operation with ‘stringent measures in place to create a safe and enriching experience with the aquatic animal world’. Across its website, you’ll see the message: ‘It’s time to spread your wings.’

Penguins Shedd Aquarium 2Shedd Aquarium

Earlier in May, zookeepers reported animals feeling ‘lonely’ without the circulation of visitors everyday, constantly ‘wondering what’s happened to everyone’. Fortunately, there’ll be plenty of beaming faces for this aquarium’s penguins.

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