Penguins Taken On Tour Of Chicago Aquarium To Meet Beluga Whales After It Closes

by : Emily Brown on : 02 Apr 2020 10:53


There’s been a few lucky penguins who have been taken on a tour of aquariums recently, but this time the curious creatures were introduced to nature’s most lovable mammals – beluga whales. 

If there are two animals out there who should definitely be best friends in a children’s cartoon TV show, it’s penguins and beluga whales. They just both seem so innocent all the time; they’d definitely get themselves into some adorable mishaps.


However, thanks to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, we don’t need a cartoon to introduce these two creatures. With the aquarium closed to the public, staff let one of its oldest rockhopper penguins, called Wellington, venture out to the beluga whale exhibit.

Penguin visits Beluga whale in aquariumShedd Aquarium/Facebook

Heartwarming footage shows Wellington looking up with apparent amazement as beluga whales Kayavak, Mayuak, and baby Annik swim over to say hello.

Shedd Aquarium explains belugas are northern hemisphere animals, meaning they would likely never see a penguin in the wild as penguins are native to the southern hemisphere.


So it seems this encounter would have been a first for everyone involved, and all the animals certainly look a bit starstruck. While Wellington doesn’t look so sure about the situation, it seems clear to me the three belugas just want to be pals.

Penguin meets Beluga whalesShedd Aquarium/Facebook

Magellanic penguins Tilly and Carmen also got to roam around the empty aquarium, and were introduced to Kayavak for the first time on their field trip.


A spokesperson for Shedd Aquarium told Insider staff are using the closure to introduce animals to ‘new experiences, activities, foods, and more to keep them active, encourage them to explore, problem-solve, and express natural behaviors.’

I’ve no doubt the animals are loving their adventures.

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