People Are Just Discovering Some Cats Hate Tin Foil

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Mar 2020 15:00

Cat owners across the world are starting to catch on to a cunning trick to keep their pets off kitchen counters, with videos showing some felines hate tin foil. 

Cats are crafty, determined little creatures, and if they set their sights on something there’s not much that will put a stop to their actions.


Whether they decide to curl themselves up into an ill-fitting cardboard box, find a way of scaling the walls like Spider-Man, or go on a mission to steal some leftover chicken; their agile bodies and pouncing abilities enable them to fulfil even the most mischevious of tasks.

Cat thinks about jumping on kitchen counterCat thinks about jumping on kitchen counterContentBible

However, cat owners are starting to realise there is one thing that cats just aren’t willing to mess with – and it’s not dogs. Rather, it’s your household supply of tin foil.

One video, seen above, shows a curious little grey cat named Yoshi looking at the kitchen counter above it, seeming to deliberate the amount of power it will need to successfully reach the surface. After a few seconds of consideration, and a glance to its owner to see if they’re going to try and stop it, Yoshi springs up towards the counter.


Chances are, the cat had done this before. It successfully made it to the worktop, suggesting it was no stranger to what it would find up there, but this time the regular surface had been covered with a roll of tin foil. Needless to say, Yoshi was not impressed.

Cat regrets jumping on kitchen counter after finding it's covered with tin foilCat regrets jumping on kitchen counter after finding it's covered with tin foilContentBible

Yoshi landed on the crinkly aluminium, but remained there for only milliseconds before leaping right back into the air, appearing to defy gravity as it did so.

It landed back on the floor and looked at the worktop in apparent disbelief, as if wondering what on earth it had encountered up there. Before long, the little grey cat scampered off, clearly not willing to have another run-in with the strange, shiny material.


The ‘tin foil test’, as I will dub it, started to gain attention after a TikTok video showing a cat’s similar reaction went viral online, leading many social media users to question why cats appear to be so horrified by tin foil.

No one seems to have come up with a valid reason as of yet, though it’s likely the animals are simply caught off guard when they land on an unexpected surface. UNILAD has reached out to a cat behaviourist for comment.

The fear clearly doesn’t extend to all cats, as one Twitter user pointed out their pet couldn’t care less about being in contact with foil:


Just when you think the internet couldn’t possibly produce any more cat content, something like this happens. Those furry creatures are just the gift that keeps on giving.

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