People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over How Cute Hammerhead Bats Are

by : Emily Brown on : 07 Aug 2020 15:46
People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over How Cute Hammerhead Bats AreDaniel Arenson/Facebook

Ever heard of a hammerhead bat? Me neither, but pictures of them have started doing the rounds and some people are losing their sh*t over how cute they are – though others aren’t so sure. 

It’s not difficult to imagine what your average bat looks like; they’re often described as flying rats, and though there are a lot of different types of bats the basic features are typically the same: small heads, pointy ears, wings.


With that image in mind, the hammerhead bat might come as a bit of a surprise, because it doesn’t look like your average bat. In fact, it actually looks like a tiny moose.

No, I don’t mean a mouse, I mean a moose, with its nose protruding out from its body.

Somehow images of hammerhead bats have managed to remain largely under the radar so far, but when author Daniel Arenson shared some snaps of them on Facebook recently, they caught the attention of social media users across the globe.


Arenson immediately acknowledged that not everyone would appreciate the cuteness of a hammerhead bat as he wrote: ‘This is a Hammerhead Bat. Do you think he’s cute? Or ugly?’

Personally, I think it depends on the photo. Some of the images Arenson shared are cuter than others, with one hammerhead, seen below, looking particularly vulnerable as it eyed up the photographer.

Others are interesting, but certainly not what I would describe as ‘cute’.


Some social media users weren’t so indecisive, with one immediately responding ‘Yes!’ with regards to the bat’s cuteness.

They continued:

He’s like a demon puppy with wings! I just want to cuddle that cute little fugler! He just wants love and snacks.


Another commented:

So dang cute.. looks like a moose head… it seems the head is bigger then the rest of his body.. squeeeee

Many people admitted they wouldn’t consider the animal as adorable, but said they were still drawn to it. One Facebook user wrote: ‘I have loved bats since I was a child but personally, I think he’s hideous… and yet… I love him and I feel compelled to give him something to eat.’


For others, the bat is just downright ugly.

After the images started to gain attention, some people questioned whether the bat was actually real, but after doing a bit of digging I can confirm that it is.

According to Bat Conservation International, the hammer-headed fruit bat, aka Hypsignathus monstrosus, is widely distributed in equatorial Africa, where it is typically found in lowland tropical moist forests, riverine forests, swamp forests, mangroves and palm forests.

They are Africa’s largest bat, with wingspans up to 38 inches (97 cm).

I have to say, the hammerhead bat would probably seem a lot less cute if it came flying towards you with a one-metre wingspan, but when it’s just an image on a screen, I can understand the obsession.

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