People Are Stunned After Only Just Realising How Big Moose Can Be

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People Are Stunned After Only Just Realising How Big Moose Can Be@unknownvegan_/Twitter

I suppose I’ve never given much thought as to how big a moose could get, although if pressed I would have guessed them to be around the size of a horse – big, but not startlingly so.

How wrong I was. I am now learning, alongside thousands of others, that moose are absolutely gigantic and I’m not sure I’d be able to handle it if I encountered one in real life.


The true size of moose was brought to viral attention by shocked Twitter user @unknownvegan_, who tweeted a short clip of a colossal moose strolling down a road, towering above the cars it passes. The video was accompanied by the words, ‘I don’t know how big I thought a moose was, but this was not it’.

Their alarm was shared by countless other panicked Twitter users, many of whom had never grasped the scale of this particular animal until seeing it next to a car.

One person tweeted:


That thing looks like if it were hit by a car, the car would come off worse.

Another said:

That’s a damn dinosaur, no thanks!!


Others began sharing other similarly disquieting videos of moose, the plural of which is moose, not mooses or ‘meese’ as many of those commenting preferred to refer to them as.

In one clip, a moose could be seen hurtling through around five feet of snow ‘like it was nothing’, while another saw it actually running on water, no doubt sparking new fears for those who enjoy peaceful fishing trips.


A third video showed a moose out in the forest shedding its velvet and looking like someone you wouldn’t want to cross.


According to the Massachusetts Government website, an adult male moose can weigh anything from 600 to more than 1,000 pounds, standing at six feet tall at the shoulder (not including the head and antlers).

Their extraordinarily long legs can measure in at around three to four feet in length, allowing them to walk through piles of deep snow with relative ease.

The largest moose on record was shot in western Yukon, Canada, in September 1897. This gigantic animals weighed a reported 820kg (1,808lb), and stood at 2.33m (7.6ft) tall at the shoulder.

It’s unclear exactly how tall the moose in this viral video actually is, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to get close enough to find out.

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