Photographer Took A Pic Of Two Zebras And People Can’t Work Out Which Is Looking At The Camera

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 10 Jul 2020 13:34
Photographer Took A Pic Of Two Zebras And People Can't Work Out Which Is Looking At The CameraParveen Kaswan/Twitter

A photographer perfectly timed a picture of two zebras which has left people completely stumped.

Confused as to which zebra is looking at the camera, the two zebras almost merge into one giving quite the optical illusion.


Sarosh Lodhi, a wildlife photographer based in Nagpur City, India, took the photo in Kenya last year. It has recently resurfaced online with a friend of Lodhi sharing it and asking people which animal is looking at the camera.

Parveen Kaswan shared the picture alongside the caption, ‘Let’s see who can tell which Zebra is in front. Clicked & asked by friend @saroshlodhi.’

At first glace, your eyes will dart between the two zebras while your brain tries to work out which one is actually looking at the camera.


At a distance you’ll probably think it’s the right one but if you look closer, you may change your mind…

One person perfectly explained why it is infact the left one looking at the camera.

They replied to the tweet saying:

The left one, going by the folds on his neck (probably because his head is tilted to his right). The right one doesn’t have folds on the neck indicating his face is hid straight behind the left zebra’s face.


One person accused the photo of being manipulated but Londi confirmed that it hadn’t been.

Explaining the moment he took the photograph, Londi said to Insider:

I was clicking a dazzle of zebras in Maasai Mara, trying out various creative images. That’s when I saw these two approaching each other. Expecting some interaction or nuzzling between the two, I kept my focus glued on to this pair.

They kept coming closer and closer and to my utter amusement they reached an alignment that caused a total illusion.


He also confirmed that it is definitely the left one looking at the camera.

Mind = blown.

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    A photographer took an image of 2 zebras in Kenya, and no one can agree on which one is looking at the camera