Pigeons Destroy Student Flat In Nottingham After Window Left Open For Six Months

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 05 Sep 2020 11:09
Pigeons Destroy Student Flat In Nottingham After Window Left Open For Six MonthsPigeons Destroy Student Flat In Nottingham After Window Left Open For Six MonthsMercury Press & Media

Pigeons have wreaked havoc in a student’s flat after he went home and accidentally left his window open for six months.

Oluwageorge Johnson, 20, had to suddenly leave his student flat in Nottingham at the beginning of the pandemic, and in the rush he left his window open.


While he would have been lucky to only find a pretty cold flat to come back to, he had an unpleasant surprise to learn his flat had some visitors while he was away.

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Oluwageorge received an email last week from staff at his university accommodation stating his flat was covered in pigeon droppings – as well as there being eggs in the sink. A chick was even discovered among his clothes.

Speaking about the ordeal, he said:


I wanted to go back to university last week but I’m going to wait a bit now. I’m never leaving a window open again. Everyone’s shook.

Coronavirus had been about so my parents turned up out of the blue to take me back home. People were saying that the military had been deployed and my parents are dramatic. I’d left some random stuff behind that I didn’t need like a toaster and clothes that I wouldn’t be wearing over the summer.

I had an email saying that staff had heard noises coming from my room so went to check and found the mess the pigeons had made. My sneakers were covered in poo, and my toaster. I’m just glad I didn’t walk in and find it. That would have been horrible.

While Oluwageorge is happy at the prospect of buying himself a new wardrobe, he said it’s a shame that some of his clothes have been destroyed.

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There’s one important lesson here: pigeons poop a lot. 


One pigeon that has also wreaked havoc got stuck on a GoAir flight in February – and no, it’s not a crappy sequel to Snakes on a Plane.

The stowaway somehow made its way onto the commercial flight, which was headed from Ahmedabad International Airport to Jaipur, causing panic among the airline staff and passengers alike. Video footage was taken of the ordeal, in which the pigeon could be seen flying up and down the cabin aisle causing quite the commotion .

Fortunately, the pigeon was eventually coaxed off the plane and made its way to Oluwageorge’s flat in Nottingham.

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