Pistol and Boo Make Depp and Heard’s Divorce Even Messier

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jun 2016 12:33

Two headline-grabbing Yorkshire Terriers are back in the news again after further complicating the messiest celebrity divorce of recent memory.

Now Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are likely to go to court over Pistol and Boo, reports The Mirror. As the couple divorce it is believed 52-year-old Depp wants to keep both pets, while 30-year-old Amber wants to split the pair and keep Pistol.


A source close to the stars spoke to The Mirror about the impending trial:

He wants them to be happy and finds it unbelievable she is suggesting dividing them. Money means nothing when it comes to those animals.

They went on to say:


They’re effectively treated as their kids. For Johnny, this is war.

‘War’ seems a bit extreme, but this is hardly a standard divorce. Amber Heard has been accused of blackmail (although she is reportedly suing the accuser, Doug Stanhope) and Johnny Depp currently has a restraining order after claims of domestic abuse. Not forgetting that Amber filed for divorce just days after the death of Depp’s mother.

So actually, going to court over two dogs is probably the least crazy thing about this whole situation.

Johnny-depp-amber-heard_wt_GettyJohnny-depp-amber-heard_wt_GettyGetty Images

Both of the stars are known to seriously dote on the dogs and one of their last appearances as a couple was their horrendously awkward apology video to the people of Australia after last year’s quarantine dispute over the dogs.

You know things are bad when this is the video that shows ‘happier times’:


Legal experts believe Amber Heard will have a strong case over the dogs because in California judges favour the side of ownership. However, I’ve watched enough daytime television to know that in the American legal system money talks – and both sides of this case have plenty of that to throw at these dogs.

This whole situation has spiralled into such a mess so quickly it makes me want to go home and do something really nice for my girlfriend – and feed our cat some treats.

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