Pit Bull Found Hiding In Its Kennel After Being Dumped On Road By Owners

Pitbull abandoned in dog kennelSanta Cruz County Animal Shelter/Facebook

A helpless pit bull patiently awaited help after being dumped by the side of the road by her owners. 

The nine-year-old dog, whose lead was still attached, sat huddled in a little pink dog house which lay lopsided in a drainage ditch surrounded by farmland in California.

After being abandoned by her owners in the remote area, the poor pup had little choice but to wait around and hope a kind stranger would come to the rescue.

Thankfully, earlier this month a concerned passerby spotted the dog house and its adorable resident, and reported the pit bull to local law enforcement, The Dodo reports.

The responding officer took the abandoned pooch to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS), where staff members learned her name was Pebbles.

SCCAS posted about the dog’s discovery on their Facebook page, writing:

Our officers are investigating a case of dog abandonment after a person or persons left a dog in it’s [sic] dog house on the side of the road in Watsonville. Thankfully, a concerned citizen called our dispatcher and we were able to rescue the dog.

Abandoning an animal is a crime and can cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. If you have an animal you no longer want please surrender him or her to the Shelter.

Staff managed to track down the last listed owner, but the person they found revealed he’d given Pebbles up to a man named Ruben Guerrero a year ago when he became homeless. The new owner obviously wasn’t fit for the job.

The neglected pit bull is now being properly cared for at the animal shelter, where she is up for adoption.

SCCAS posted an update after they found Pebbles’ most recent owner, explaining Guerrero has been cited with one count of violation of California State Penal Code 597s ‘Willful Abandonment of an Animal’.

Posted by Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter on Saturday, 23 February 2019

They wrote:

Officer Padilla made contact with Ruben Guerrero on February 21, 2019 and was able to confirm that he had left Pebbles on the side of the road with her doghouse. Officer Padilla formally cited Guerrero today.

Pebbles is up for adoption and looking for a forever home.

One woman who was lucky enough to meet the dog wrote on Facebook:

I met Pebbles and she is the sweetest dog with beautiful, soulful eyes.

It’s devastating to see so many animals, especially pit bulls, being cast aside as if they mean nothing. No animal deserves to be abandoned!

Hopefully Pebbles will find her forever home with a loving family soon enough.

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